Friday, September 26, 2008

Fer Krisesake

I have never in all my life read such a load of rubbish as that hitting the news outlets about McCain, the debate and the financial meltdown.

If it is a meltdown...

And, if Obama is right in saying it is on a par with the meltdown that led to the Great Depression... why didn't both candidates say they were going to shelve their campaigns and head back to the Senate????? Huh?

I mean, the Senate is after all the governing body to which they both belong--and which was in fact attempting to hammer out a BAILOUT!!!

I mean, Hello!

What is wrong with this picture?? One guy said he would stop--meaning he would fly to DC to provide whatever assistance he could. And the House Republicans were Never, not ever, not even a little, weenie bit behind the Senate deal--so McCain could have helped, couldn't he??

So why is he getting slammered?

By the likes of Barney Frank who led the fight against oversight legislation on Fannie and Freddie--more than once. Who wanted them to give MORE low income loans. As in more and more and more...

Oh yeah. Right. We be partisan. We do not ever, not even a little bit act as if the welfare of the country comes before party or politics.

And if one of our own dare say he thinks McCain is sincere, well, clobber him. Yep. who cares if President Bill Clinton thought McCain was sincere.

So yeah.

You have my phone number, call if you need me
is considered good form. That's the guy you all are backing.

I am embarrassed to say right now that I am a democrat.

And it ain't just all the preceding. It is watching the same dems who backed Bush on Iraq, back the SOB all over again.

My Mom is dying. She has had no water now for 8 days. And she is fighting to stay alive.

Where the hell are the people like her in that sad excuse for a legislative body we call the Congress of the United States?

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