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One Helluva Fight!!! [Update]

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It was a great fight:

I understand something today that I didn't last week. I am a Democrat. And I am going to fight to make this party better because I think the DNC showed unconscionable bias towards one candidate for President, and not the other.

And while I am on that subject--  Donna Brazille can kiss my white ass from now until November and it will not undo the harm she spewed as a pundit on CNN.

But I am not writing to rehash old wrongs. I am writing to say that although I know Hillary got screwed, here's Paul Krugman on the subject I will not ever support, endorse or in any way aid the election of John McCain. Because he is one nasty dude.

Now he wants to capitalize on the understandable ire women are feeling towards the Party. Ok. It's true. We are mad. But that doesn't make McCain the solution. Hillary has said over and over that he is a nice guy with all the wrong positions who would be a disaster for us. I Agree. From healthcare to the environment, from wire tapping citizens to the war in Iraq, from women's rights to a woman's right to choose, from gay rights to human rights, this guy is not on the side of the angels. The angles, maybe. But definitely not the angels.

I am still staggering from the narrow defeat of Hillary Clinton, but I am not stupid. And I do know where my bread is buttered. It is as a Democrat. There is a lot of post mortems and second guessing going on and I want to join anglachel--

 when she writes that she doesn't care if Michelle Obama did say whitey this and whitey that. Hell. I have said it, myself. I don't have any quarrel with the term  whitey. Rev. Wright is a different story because he is like a professional hater. Black liberation theology notwithstanding. And using racism to tar and feather white voters and gin up the AA vote is emphatically not ok with me.  

But the campaign is Over. It is time to move on. I am moving on and this is my first step.

I also want to say that this is a great article on Hillary's contribution to our political discourse called Seven Ways Hillary Changed Our Politics:  It is an excellent piece and I couldn't agree more.

So here's to Hillary Clinton-- the first woman to win nearly 18 million votes in a Democratic Party primary--and to her  concession speech and a united Democratic Party.

It was one hulluva goddamn fight!

PS--If you flame me in any way, your balls are gonna fall off and you are going to hell...

[update on the 'she's no good thread'in the comments: my reference to the Civil War is a nod to the bruised and deeply painful feelings held by both sides after the Civil War. The same could be said of this campaign. There is a serious effort underway to exploit those feelings and get Hillary supporters to back McCain. I believe, if this were to get off the ground, it would seriously derail the Democratic nominee. Anyone who wants to hold on to their bruised ego and sense of outrage in the face of this effort to hijack a huge block of democratic voters is welcome to do so. But you, my friend, are the one who is putting your ego before the best interests of the party. And just to set the record straight. I did not lie. I did not smear and I still think Obama's assertion of a relative at Aushwitz was [to me] amazingly stupid as it was so easily disproved. He can get the jewish vote without having an uncle [or whoever] liberate a death camp. I was outraged at the time. But I am not now. Obama fibbed stuff just like she did about Bosnia. Let's move on, shall we. Or not--you decide. But I do have to say that those who persist in slapping down the olive branch are suspicious to me. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by hanging onto past hurts. And believe me there are a ton--on both sides. Lin]

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RisingTide said...

Rev. Wright is a good man, with one hell of a prideful streak.

He has founded prison ministries,

Helped those with AIDS,

Stood and shouted about the morality of homosexuality (on the side that it was moral) -- not a very popular position in the black community.

He stood up for the idea of women in the pulpit.

He, an evangelical black minister, belongs to a white mainline denomination.

A good man, who said some things that no one should have said (US gov't caused AIDS? okay, you're allowed to say that in 1980 -- we do remember Tuskegee. you ain't allowed to quote crystal healing spokesmen to prove your point in 2008.).

He is truly a crazy uncle, but he was one of those who marched with King.

He stood against South African Apartheid.

If you wish to remember the man, please remember the whole, and not just the part that got on TV.

Otherwise, coyote will be doing backflips around you, nicking things and laughing as you wonder where they've gone.